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Bondi Blue is a marketing agency that helps tech and B2B companies enhance their brands through strategic communications, PR and high-impact marketing.

A is for Authenticity

Over the years, I've found that one of the keys to success in the business world, and in life more generally, is being authentic. No one really likes a show off. People eventually see through you if you're trying to oversell, hiding something, or just flat out making stuff up. 

Granted, my job as a marketer is to make my clients look good, but it's important to do that in a way that is legitimate, accurate and genuine. Put your best foot forward, absolutely. But be honest.

Recently, a client asked me to come up with a voice for their website. They wanted to have a more personal tone, not sound overly technical, avoid filling up sentences with superlatives, and be relatable. That's perfect! Authentic.

Yes, we want to communicate what makes your fill-in-the-blank (product, company, service) the best, but just proclaiming in a very loud voice over and over that "IT'S THE BEST" (or most innovative, or ground-breaking) doesn't cut it. Potential customers know you're going to say that, but what they really want to know is WHY. Make sure your marketing messages resonate with your audience. Promote relationships built on trust. Be authentic.

Adventures in business

Bondi Blue celebrated its two year anniversary recently (June 27 to be precise), and I am grateful, excited, and proud. It's been a thrilling journey so far, and I've learned so much -- from and with my clients, and also on the business side. Here are some tidbits from my journey to date. Turns out many of my lessons learned are not exactly new (in fact, you'll notice that all of the headings are common sayings), but it's been fun to apply these principles in a whole new way.

Variety is the spice of life. 
I've been blessed to work with a wide range of clients (from startups to public companies) in a variety of capacities (everything from on retainer as a "virtual head of marketing" to white paper writer to PR exec). Each organization has its own personality, processes, and needs, and I appreciate the challenge and constant change of pace that comes with the job -- no two days are the same.

Patience is a virtue. (And, just breathe.)
I'm a person who tends to be a bit risk averse (though it's complicated...I'm a closet adrenaline junkie...skydiving anyone?). So, the fact that I started my own business, which means that I have no more corporate safety net and am totally responsible for a company, does sometimes feel rather daunting. I'm learning that it takes time, and I need to be patient. It is risky, but also very, very rewarding.

Do what you do best.
One of the first things I did was to hire a CPA. I went to an IRS tax seminar for small businesses and immediately concluded that trying to figure out how to do payroll taxes would not be the best use of my time. And while it's important to be conscientious in terms of how I run the business, this has been a great investment. I need to spend my time using my skills and experience wisely, to provide the best strategy and end result for my clients, and in helping to build Bondi Blue's brand. 

On that note, look for more blog entries to come. I'll be starting a series of marketing tips for tech companies shortly and look forward to sharing my thoughts more regularly with you. Stay tuned!

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